The Striver
From Publisher's Weekly — "Solomita delivers a thoroughly entertaining match of wits, brawn and daring."

Dancer in the Flames
From Booklist — "Solomita's trademark brisk dialogue and relentless pace shine here."

Monkey in the Middle
From Booklist — "Filled with byzantine twists and overlaid with a sinister melancholy, Solomita’s hard-edged cops-versus-gangsters saga makes for gripping reading."

Cracker Bling
From Booklist — “Solomita gets this tense, gritty cops-and-robbers drama just right. For aficionados of classic noir, there’s violence, guns, drugs, a disturbing portrait of New York’s seedy underbelly, and, of course, that overwhelming sense of impending doom.”

Mercy Killing
From Library Journal — “Solomita delivers a most unusual tale of a cop who gets too involved in a murder case. This one will keep noir fans in suspense.”

Angel Face
From Kirkus — “Solomita serves up a spare, fast unlikely noir romance that turns out to be highly entertaining.”

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Monkey in the Middle The Striver Stephen Solomita Mercy Killing by Stephen Solomita Angel Face by Stephen Solomita Dancer in the Flames by Stephen Solomita