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Author Stephen SolomitaI’ve been writing novels for so long now that I have difficulty remembering a life before I began pounding a keyboard. Of course, I must have grown up somewhere and I do have vague memories of Bayside, a community located at the outermost reaches of New York City in the borough of Queens. The problem is that I’ve used Bayside as a setting for scenes in a number of my books. Did the lad who underperformed at Bayside High School and Queens College grow up to become an author? Or is he a character buried on page ninety-nine of a novel I barely recall? I suppose I could reread my work, but having published twenty novels and written a number of others, the task is far too demanding for a man of my advanced years. I’ll just have to settle for the ambiguity.

These days, I believe my life can best be compared to that of a donkey trained from his earliest days to turn a millwheel.  Now old and lame, not to mention blind, when my stall opens, I sally forward to harness myself and start walking. This may seem an exaggeration, but I do believe that even in the last stages of Alzheimers, when all vestiges of language have been lost, I will somehow find my way to the computer in my office.A fitting end, it must be admitted, for a scribbler.

But not just yet. No, for now, I think I’ll continue my journey through the murky noir landscape. There’s something about obscured vistas that truly appeals to me.

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